Fast track

  • Fast track

    The study programme of International Business offers a (three-year) fast track. The fast track has been developed for Dutch VWO students, or for international students with a pre-research university level education (or secondary science education) who want to go for a more practical orientated bachelor degree before they start with their masters.

    Duration of the fast track programme: 3 years
    Number of credits: 180 EC
    Diploma: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    Students who want to start in the fast track have to meet the following entry requirements :

    • A positive advice by the intake committee after the IB study check.
    • A diploma secondary science education or pre-research university level education (in the Netherlands = VWO)
    • Should have followed Economics (as part of the graduation subjects) until the final year of secondary education.
    • Should have followed English ( as part of the graduation subjects) until last year secondary education
    • Should have followed a second foreign language out of German, French, Spanish, Dutch or Chinese as part of the graduation subjects until the last year of secondary education.

    The contents of the fast track programme are:

    Year 1 Propaedeutic phase (60 EC):

    Block 1:   15 EC

    • International Communication
    • Marketing and Finance
    • Coach programme
    • Business assessment
    • Languages (start entry level year 2 IB)

    Block 2:   15 EC

    • Sales & Finance
    • Coach programme
    • Languages

    Block 3:   15 EC

    • Entrepreneurship: Business & Finance
    • Marketing plan
    • Statistics
    • Coach programme
    • Languages

    Block 4: 15 EC

    • Business Environment Economics & Law
    • Business plan
    • Personal assessment
    • Languages

    Year 2 (60 EC)

    Block 1 and block 2: 30 EC

    • Internship abroad (in non-native language country; language and culture internship and first individual acquaintance with working field.

    Block 3: 15 EC

    • Logistics &Finance
    • Student community
    • Business orientation

    Block 4:  15 EC

    • Supply chain management/Enterprise resource planning
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Student community Business orientation

    Year 3 (60 EC):

    Block 1 and 2: 30 EC
    Students may choose one of the 4 specializations – Finance – Supply Chain- Management – Strategic Marketing – Strategic Management and they take courses within this specialization.

    Block 3 and 4: 30 EC

    • A Pre-master at Maastricht University (with entry requirements)   or
    • internship