• Languages

    International Business (English stream) is fully taught in English. The Dutch stream has a Dutch taught one year foundation programme but all learning materials are in English from the start. In the second, third and fourth year all courses are taught in English, for students from the Dutch stream as well. This prepares students even better for the international labour market. Furthermore, an international learning environment is offered, which facilitates a possible transfer to an interesting Master’s degree programme abroad. Solid knowledge of several languages is essential for an international professional. A student in the English stream selects one foreign language out of: French, German, Spanish, Chinese or Dutch (for non-Dutch students only). If students choose Spanish, Chinese or Dutch, no prior knowledge of the language is required. A third foreign language can be selected, however this is not compulsory.

    International Business advises students to opt for the English stream opposed to the Dutch stream. Starting in year 2 the entire programme will be taught in English. Therefore, the English stream will help students feel better prepared for this step. Only students who feel truly insecure about their English language proficiency can select the Dutch stream. However, many current students of the Dutch stream now admit regretting having selected the Dutch stream, and not the English stream from the beginning onwards. Their insecurity about their English level turned out to be unfounded.

    International Business advises students to choose a particular language because they are genuinely interested in it. To stay motivated during the learning process, you need to have a certain passion for the language, the countries where it is spoken, its people, its culture, etc. Do not make the mistake thinking that learning Spanish, Arabic or Chinese is easier because the courses start without a prior knowledge requirement. If you think you will have difficulties learning a new foreign language, it is advisable to choose a language you have already studied before, such as German or French for example.