Life during IB

  • Life during IB


    The best way of finding your place at IB Zuyd.

    We are Pegasus, the student association of International Business. We are a group of active students eager to get the best out of our time studying. Our goal is to make studying International Business the easiest and most fun for you by offering cheap tutoring, make you get to know all other classmates and build a network by arranging all sorts of other fun activities such as business trips and workshops.

    You can become a member of Pegasus for only 10 euro’s each year! For this you get tutoring form fellow students who already passed the test, a helping hand to which you can always ask your questions. We have members studying in all 4 years of IB so we can surely help you with your problems. Each year we are also planning activities, which you can attend more cheaply. We also organise end of the block drinks where you get to know your fellow students even more and maybe make some new friends.

    You can also become an active member and fulfil a function in the Pegasus board and help us organise one of our activities. Joining the board will help you develop yourself. You will work with a small group of enthusiastic students. Being a part of the board also means that you will get to know students of IB through all the years.

    If you want to join us or for some more information contact us via: moc.s1521491415usage1521491415PAS@t1521491415nedis1521491415erP1521491415

    Hope to see you soon!

    E-mail       moc.s1521491415usage1521491415PAS@t1521491415nedis1521491415erp1521491415
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