Year 1

  • Year 1

    Foundation programme
    International Business starts with a foundation programme, which covers the courses, areas and skills an International Business professional should know. Moreover, acquiring solid knowledge of foreign languages plays an essential role. In this overview (pdf) you will find  the courses which are provided in Year 1.

    Furthermore, you will be trained in a wide range of skills: conducting interviews,  giving presentations, argumentation techniques, etc. You will also develop your social skills  by participating in the many group assignments the International Business study programme offers. The curriculum will offer you a well balanced, blended learning methodology, providing a mixture of (web)lectures, group activities, project work and individual assignments.

    After completing the first year, a certificate for the propedeutic phase will be awarded.

    Elective courses
    During year one, you will have the opportunity to select some of the courses you will attend in order to complete the foundation programme. Students from the Dutch stream can choose one elective course, students from the English stream can choose two elective courses. The electives are on the right side of this page.

    Language lines
    If you want to specialize yourself in a specific geographical region, you can also choose to attend a language line instead of only opt for one elective course. A language line is a four-year course which consists of different electives. These electives focus on enhancing your foreign language skills and making you aware of all the cultural aspects of your chosen region. The Language Lines are on the right side of this page.
    Because each language line has its own entry requirements, you will start attending its classes in block 3 of Year 1. Not everybody can participate in this special programme, only the most eligible applicants will be admitted.

    Study programme profile
    In this document (PDF) you will find a description of the content of this study programme.